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Check out this DVD, loaded with footage from the "Full Circle" tour (autumn 2003), you got live stuff, backstage drama, crazy fans, cops... EVERYTHING! I don't even want to spoil the surprises of all the bonus features too! Not to mention that this DVD comes with a full, LIVE CD that spans the length of the tour! The crew went through the tapes of the shows, and hand selected what they felt was the creme of the crop. All for only $15!!! C'mon! Grip this DVD/CD A.S.A.P. and you'll know why i call it, the pick of the litter. Who knows, you could be in it.... Live CD tracks: 01. That's When Ya Lost 02. Go The Length 03. Catch A Bad One 04. Powers That Be 05. Halo 06. If You Must 07. Heatish 08. The Dum Dum 09. After Dark 10. Let It Roll 11. Gotta Get Down 12. At The Helm 13. You Never Knew 14. 93 'Til Infinity 15. What The Funk (*) 16. Shout It Out (*) *- Studio Bonus tracks