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This is the true story of a love  triangle that takes place entirely online. Lies lead to murder in real life, as a teenage vixen (screen name ‘talhotblond’) lures men into her web. Revealing a shocking true crime story that shows the Internet’s power to unleash our most dangerous fantasies.

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..::Pablo Escobar: King of Cocaine DVDRip::..

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Incorporating  never before-seen archival footage, home movies  and interviews with family members, journalists  and law enforcement  officials, PABLO ESCOBAR: KING OF COCAINE tells the story of the twisted Robin Hood who founded the Medellin cartel cocaine smuggling organization and became the first billionaire criminal in South America.

This work shows the rise and fall of the biggest cocaine’s trafficker. Sensitive viewers should not watch this as it shows myriad shot and mangled corpses. Escobar killed 3 Colombian presidential candidates, 11 of the country’s 21 justices, and thousands more. These facts are Machiavellian: the more crimes he committed, the more people and groups were willing to fight him no matter what. The work ends with comparisons of Escobar to bin Laden. For years, I have heard that Colombia is a very violent and troubled country. This work touches upon why that is.



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CRACK DVD MAGAZINE #8: HIP-HOP MOVEMENTS - Presented by Hood Life Movement

CRACK DVD Magazine has become one of your premier DVD magazine sources for hip-hop fans looking for the inside scoop on the latest sh*t going on in the hood and the hip-hop community. With exclusive interviews, concert footage, car shows, sexy women, and live freestyles included in every volume, the Crack DVD Magazine has built a large following with their exclusive content. This special 8th volume is the "Hip-Hop Movements" edition, focusing on hip-hop groups whose movements are built from the ground up.

FEATURING: Slaughterhouse (live studio sessions), Juelz Santana, Slim Thug & the Boss Hogg Outlawz, Dipset's Byrdgang, Fat Joe and Pistol Pete's K.A.R. Records, Skull Gang, Bang Bang Boogie

More than 100,000 CRACK DVDs have been sold in the streets! This is the 8th Volume of CRACK DVD to hit retail shelves.



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1. KRS-One_Wale_And_Gym_Class_Heroes-No_Sleep_Till_Brooklyn_(VH1_Hip-Hop_Honors)-HDTV-720p-2009-SNO
3. The_Roots_Eminem_And_DJ_Jazzy_Jeff-Rock_The_Bells_(VH1_Hip-Hop_Honors)-HDTV-720p-2009-SNO
4. Warren_G_And_Trey_Songz-Regulate_(VH1_Hip-Hop_Honors)-HDTV-720p-2009-SNO

Murs 3.16 - Walk Like a Man - (dvd)

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ripper........: team cmsvcd
ripper rating.: 8 out of 10
release date..: 2005.08.06
store date....: 2005.00.00
runtime.......: 23 minutes
imdb rating...: none
genre.........: hip-hop
url...........: http://www.accesshiphop.com/store/?itemid=9393

quality......: 2 pass
bitrate......: 224 kbps
language.....: english
quality......: 5 pass
bitrate......: 2230 kbps
aspect ratio.: 16:9
subtitles.....: none
source........: dvd
region........: ntsc

Product Description

Based on the most critically acclaimed hip-hop album of 2004 (Murs 3:16 the 9th Edition). Walk Like A Man chronicles the day to day lives of two aspiring hip-hop artists Murray (Murs) and Pete (Damien Wigfall), and their quest to remain inspired musicians while enduring their uninspiring day jobs. Though Pete the producer and the more optimistic of the duo maintains "it ain't struggle if it's love" young Murray, the vocal half of the group, has his doubts. And when an altercation claims the life of his positive half, Murray is faced with the question of avenging his partner's untimely death via the streets or the music. The perfect visual companion to an already classic album. This DVD also includes the complete Murs video anthology which consists of "Bad Man", "Hustle" featuring John Cena, and "Risky Bizness" featuring Shock G and Humpty Hump.


..::U-God - Rise of a Fallen Soldier DVDrip::..

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Product Description

The true story behind the rise and fall of hip hop's most successful and notorious rap group, the Wu Tang Clan. In this film, U-God, one of the pioneers and original members of the group, gives a rare account of the drama that has and always will surround the Wu Tang Clan. Is Wu Tang broken up? Will they ever do another album? Where did all the money go? U-God gives an exclusive introspective look into his world and his estranged fellow group members.