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The long awaited project done entirely by Sticky Fingaz, Onyx Live Overseas - "Da Illest Show On Earth" 2008 takes you to every Onyx show of their first year back on tour. Russia, Germany, Chile and many more live shows shot professionally, edited by Sticky Fingaz himself, and now available for a digital download.

Over an hour in length, the video and audio quality is top-notch, and completely DRM-free, ready to burn to a DVD, or just watch on your computer. Check Onyx perform classics, rare b-sides, and cause mayhem as they tear up Europe and more.

$9.99, support the cause!!

[Click here] to check out the commercial. Please note, the quality of the download is of much higher quality, and you are downloading an actual file, not streaming it!

Technical notes: 700MB file size, no DRM or annoying copy protection, 1 hour 4 minutes total running time. Downloads right in your browser, no additional software needed! Plays in any and all media players; no restrictions. Uses the ultra-high quality DivX/XViD codec. If you have problems viewing, click here to download the proper codec.

"Onyx Live Overseas" Commercial from KB on Vimeo.


..::Evidence.The.Layover. DVDrip.2008.BONUS.x264.BOSS::..

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Title [Evidence.The.Layover.DVDrip.2008.BONUS.x264-2008-BOSS
Files [308Mb ]
Video [MKV ] Aspect [4:3 ]
Downsampled [No ] Ripped [11-25-2008 ]
Stripped [Nothing ] Source [DVD5 ]
Image Type [MKV ] Extras [All ]
Menu [NO ] Genre [Hip-Hop ]
English 2.0 DD

1.The Layover
2.Solitary Confinement
3.Don't Hate
4.The Far Left
5.Mr. Slow Flow
6.Chase The Clouds Away


..::Fat Beats Radio - 'Best Of Vol. 1::..

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The "Best Of" Fat Beats Radio series features exclusives & never before seen freestyles and interviews from some of the best underground MC's.
Compiled from the Fat Beats Radio Show archives and available for the first time, each volume runs approx. 60 minutes and was recorded in NYC.

Big L (D.I.T.C.)
A.G. (D.I.T.C.)
The Arsonists
Kardinal Offishall
Mr. Complex
Atoms Family
Ghetto Dwellas
Ike P & Probe



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Our Release Date : 26 November 2008

Artist : Coldplay Ft Jay-Z
Song : Lost

Video Source : TV 720x576
Audio Source : TVA
IVTC Method : Nadda
Genre : Pop/Hiphop
Year : 2008

Video Format : x264
Video Bit Rate : 1474 kbps average
Resolution : 640x352
Frame Rate : 25.0 fps
Aspect Ratio : 16/9

Audio Format : MP2
Audio Bitrate : 256 VBR
Sampling rate : 48 KHz
Channel(s) : 2 channels
Language : English
File Size : 61.1 mb
Play Time : 4 mins 43 sec


..::Wildchild - Wild.N.You.DVD Rip::..

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Before we get the full Stones Throw DVD experience towards the end of the '04, Wildchild beats them to it with this ace documentary on the making of the 'Secondary Protocol' album and the subsequent touring and promotional campaign involved. As well as that we drop in on pretty much the whole of the Stones Throw clan - Peanut Butter Wolf, Egon, Madlib, Oh No, Declaime and Medaphoar. We also get to check out the launchparty for Jaylib's album plus extra DVD features including the video for 'Wonder Years' and a couple of live performances. As an extra bonus you get a full live CD version of the album. Killer stuff. Not sure what region # this is but I'm guessing it's NTSC Region 0 - not that this region nonsense will be a problem to y'all hip hop DVD addicts.


DVD RELEASE DATE: 21/05/2004
ENCODING: Region 0
STUDIO: Xylophone Films
RUNNING TIME: 60 mins (approx.)





..::Jurassic.5.The.Jurassic. Period.2008.BONUS. DVDRip.XviD&x264-BOSS::..

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Title [Jurassic.5.The.Jurassic.Period.2008.BONUS.DVDRip.XviD&x264-BOSS ]
Files [948Mb ]
Video [Avi and MKV ] Aspect [4:3 ]
Downsampled [No ] Ripped [11-21-2008 ]
Stripped [Nothing ] Source [DVD5 ]
Image Type [AVI and MKV ] Extras [haha ]
Menu [haha :) ] Genre [Hip-Hop
Jurassic 5 Bonus DVD THe Jurassic Period

Jurassic 5 NEW DVD Trailer & Re-Released 1st Album by Decon

The official trailer from the CD/DVD release on Decon Records, J5 Deluxe Re-Issue featuring the first J5 EP, a bonus disc of 15 rare/previously unreleased Jurassic 5, and the Jurassic Period DVD, featuring classic footage from the J5 era edited by Jason Goldwatch, 25 minute live performance from Brixton Academy, and the classic “Concrete Schoolyard” music video. A classic release from a classic group –

Return to the Jurassic Period!


rapid pass

..::The.Lox. Live.And.Uncut.The. Reunion.2008.DVDRip. XviD-ASSASS1NS::..

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RELEASE DATE........: 2008.14.11

IMDb RATING.........: N/A
VIDEO FORMAT........: XviD
VIDEO BITRATE.......: 1133 kbit/s 2pass VBR
VIDEO ASPECT........: 16:9
VIDEO FPS...........: 29.97

AUDIO FORMAT........: [X] VBR MP3 @ 48000 Hz
[ ] AC3
AUDIO BITRATE.......: 135 kbps

VIDEO LENGTH........: 76 minutes
DEINTERLACE.........: TomsMoComp
SIZE................: 1x50x15
GENRE...............: Music Concert

If you fuck with the Lox / D-Block then you definitely need this joint in your collection EARLY. How many times in your life have you missed out on a vintage hip-hop performance and wished you had been there or seen that shit? Well, this is one of those nights.

The United Hoods of America has put together this incredible LIVE performance by the Ruff Rydin' Yonkers emcee coalition -- best known as D-Block or The Lox -- and brought you a raw & uncut DVD of the entire performance from Jadakiss, Styles P and Sheek Louch.

Live from Toad's Place in New Haven (a notorious hip-hop spot known for rocking out small, real shit-type concerts...including acts like The Clipse, The Lox and others), this entire DVD is the recorded concert of when Jada, Styles and Sheek came through and ripped the floorboards off the venue.

Performing a set of more than 30 joints from the Lox/D-Block archives, the three Yonkers-bred emcees show you just how grimey it can get at a D-Block / Double-R / Lox concert. The real hip-hop fans unite with some of D-Block's most dedicated fans for a night of real hip-hop..

The Lox - Money, Power, Respect / Reservoir Dogs (Live) from WWW.SP1200.NET on Vimeo.


1. We Back
2. Niggaz Done Started Something
3. Fuck You
4. Phantom (freestyle)
5. Dope Money
6. Show Discipline
7. Come Thru feat. Jada
8. Skit
9. I'm A Ruff Ryder
10. All For The Love
11. Freestyle
12. Money Power & Respect
13. Reservoir Dogs
14. Wild Out
15. Banned from TV
16. It's All About The Benjamins
17. My Life
18. Blood Preasure
19. Buck Buck
20. Who Want a Problem
21. Kiss Your Ass Good Bye
22. Two Gunz Up
23. Good Times (I Get Paid)
24. Blow Your Mind
25. D Block/Dipset
26. Locked Up
27. Knock Yourself Up
28. Gangsta Gangsta
29. By Your Side
30. We Gonna Make It
31. Good Love



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Bossplayer Presents. . .


Scene Date.: Sept-29th-2008
Rls Year...: 2008
Genre......: Hip-Hop
Rar Count..: 7x100
Run Time...: 01:31.02
Video......: Untouched, NTSC
Audio......: AC3-2ch Unspecified, English
Format.....: AVI
URL........: www.sabacred.com / www.myspace.com/sabac

Release Notes. . .
Sabac Red's new album The Ritual continues his politically fueled themes that he crafted during his time in Non Phixion and on his first album "A Change Gon Come." The DVD will include Sabac Red in a full personal bio as presented at a public speaking event in San Francisco, a day with Sabac Red following him to the different schools where he works with the youth in The Bay area. It will also include appearance on various television news programs speaking on various issues affecting communities and possible solutions. Live show footage from his US and Europe tour with ILL BiLL and DJ Eclipse, freestyles and the making of The Collabo Collection Vol. 2 Mix CD as well as The Making of A change Gon' Come music video and much more
Day In A Life Of Sabac Red | Live Media Footage | European Tour 08
The Making Of Change Gon Come Music Video | Bonus Freestyles & More



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Bossplayer Presents. . .


Scene Date.: November-9th-2008
Rls Year...: 2008
Genre......: Hip-Hop
Rar Count..: 7X100
Run Time...: 1:22:55
Video......: XVID
Audio......: 2.0
Format.....: AVI
URL........: http://shop.rapbay.com/index.php?p=product&id=8138&parent=3

Rap Dreams - DVD

2008 Mastamind Productions

Rap Dreams, (80 Mins), chronicles the lives of three upcoming rappers, Kev Kelley, Hectic, and Mistah F.A.B., as they journey thru the underground world of the Bay Area independent hip-hop scene and follow their dreams of becoming rap super stars. This film is about the passion of pursuing dreams, overcoming obstacles and rising above poverty, contrasting the bling bling dreams with reality.

Featuring: Shock G, Sway & King Tech, Adisa "The Bishop of Hip Hop", Banjoko, JT Bigga Figga, Herm Lewis, McMall, Beeda Weeda, T-Kash, Balance, Shake da Mayor, Charlie Walker, And More...


..::MF.Doom. Mm..Food.Drive. Tour.Bonus.2007.DVDRiP.XViD-BOSS::..

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In 1998 Zev Love X of the seminal rap group KMD re-emerged as a masked super villain known as MF DOOM. The following year he released the groundbreaking independent classic Operation: Doomsday. DOOM only added to the mystery by creating multiple aliases (King Geedorah, Viktor Vaughn, etc.) and taking a no holds barred approach to his musical career. With collaborative side projects with Madlib (Madvillain) and most recently DANGERDOOM with Danger Mouse, MM..FOOD marks the super villain's long awaited follow up to Operation: Doomsday. Originally released late 2004, MM..FOOD has been out of print for close to two years.
While copies of MM..FOOD have been regularly selling in the $100 range on sites like ebay, it's now back with a special dual package including a live performance DVD. After it's original release DOOM embarked on a 8 city release party tour called the MM..FOOD Drive Tour. The performances doubled as Food Drives for each stop of the tour. Fans were encouraged to bring canned goods to the show. At the end of the tour over 1000 pounds of food was donated to various local food shelves.
With over an hour of live performances and behind the scenes footage this special edition of MM..FOOD provides a rare look at the mysterious metal fingered super villain MF DOOM.
The good people over at Rhymesayers went all out on this deliciously packaged item. You can view the silver foil packaging, poster and sticker in the promotional video here, and the promotional animated video full of fun stuff here


rapid pass:

..::Dead.Prez. Live.In.San.Francisco. 2008.DVDRip.XviD-BOSS::..

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Bossplayer Presents

Dead Prez Live In San Francisco

title: [ Dead Prez Live In San Francisco ]
label: [ 2B1 Multimedia ]
type: [ AVI ]
genre: [ Rap (NY) ]
source: [ R1 DVD5 ]
bitrate: [ 1:1 ]
audio: [ Dolby Digital 2.0 ]
aspect: [ FS ]
size: [ 700mb ]
stripped: [ Nothing ]
ripper: [ Bossplayer ]
url: [ http://www.2b1records.com/ ]
rip date: [ 07/11/2008 ]
street date: [ 02/05/2008 ]

Dead Prez are Live In San Francisco...Their live performance includes the
following songs: Turn Off The Radio, That's War!, We Need A Revolution, Know Your
Enemy, Hell Yeah (Pimp The System), W-4, Assassination, Behind Enemy Lines, B.I.G.
Respect, I'm A African, Runaway Slave, Grown Man, When Mama Cries, Mind Sex, Fuck
The Law, It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop, Walk Like A Warrior, Twenty and They Schools.
The CD includes all of these songs in audio format...Enjoy...


..::DJ Kentaro - Enter The Newground Live at Tokyo Liquid Room::..

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Released ──────: DJ.Kentaro.Enter.The.Newground.Live.at.Tokyo.Liquid.Room.2008.DVDRip.XviD-ASSASS1NS
Video Codec ───: XviD
Video Bitrate ─: 1240 Kbps
Resolution ───: 512x384
Aspect Ratio ──: 1.333 (4:3) FpS 25000
Audio Codec ───: AC3
Audio Bitrate ─: 256 kb/s Fs.48.000Hz
Audio Channels : 2.0
Audio Subs ────: No
Source ────────: DVD
Deinterlace ───: TomsMoComp/manual ivtc
File/s Size ───: 45x15
Original Title : Enter The Newground Live at Tokyo Liquid Room
Year ──────────: 2008
Genre ─────────: Music / Electro
Runtime ───────: 65min
Cast ──────────: DJ Kentaro

Having released his first album “ENTER” in 2007 on Ninja Tune, DJ KENTARO stepped up to another level as creator and performer on his “ENTER THE NEWGROUND JAPAN TOUR 2007”, for which he toured 12 cities all over Japan. For the final show at LIQUIDROOM, Tokyo on May 2nd 2007 DJ KENTARO planned the “Audio Visual Set You’re Never Gonna See Again” integrating the stage and the visuals using 6 projectors and a giant screen. In this unique show he throws in everything from his DJ career and, together with a mad vibe from the audience and stunning visual set, he creates an amazing atmosphere.

This legendary night, finally released here on DVD, features DJ KENTARO’s world-famous beat juggling, scratching and EQing techniques. Featuring performances from Hunger (GAGLE), FAT JON (FIVE DEEZ), THE PHARCYDE, LITTLE TEMPO, HIFANA who were also featured in the album, and Kisho Tosha who has been playing with dj KENTARO for many years. Shot with 9 cameras the whole show is here together with the videos for “FREE feat. MC SPANK ROCK” directed by KimGym and “TASOGARE HIGHWAY HIGH” animated by Teppei Maki and bonus tour footage, interviews, and extra clips directed by easeback. “ENTER THE NEWGROUND” LIVE!! DVD shows the other side of “ENTER”, moving the mix of live performance and visuals toward audio visual art. Five years after dj KENTARO won the DMC World Championship, this DVD shows a legendary performer at his peak.