..::Tupac vs.::..

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An in depth portrait of controversial hip-hop icon Tupac Shakur featuring never-before-seen interviews, rare footage, and on-screen commentaries from biographer Michael Eric Dyson. Also highlighted are testimonials from the slain rapper's former manager, Leila Steinberg, and instructor Arvand Elihu


..::Tupac Shakur: A New Look::..

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With the cooperation of his mother Afeni Shakur, History On Video has produced this documentary which provides new insight into the often misunderstood character of late rap star Tupac Shakur. Also included are numerous interviews with fans who were touched by his music.

..::Tupac - Hip Hop Genius::..

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NTSC/Region 0. Now for the first time 'Tupac - Hip Hop Genius' goes behind the scenes and reveals the truth about the most notorious figure in rap music, critically acclaimed actor and poet of the streets. Often contentious, but never dull, welcome to the story of Tupac Shakur. Includes exclusive and previously unseen film footage and in-depth interviews with those that worked closely with Tupac during his career. DVD special features include an extensive Tupac discography and digital trivia quiz. Chrome Dreams. 2004.As big in death as he was in life, Tupac Shakur has become a martyr of gangsta rap. Lest his legacy outshine his lifetime accomplishments, this documentary tells the whole story of one of rap's most contentious figures. After getting his start as a member of the incomparable Digital Underground, Tupac made waves with his debut, 2PACALYPSE NOW, augmented by his highly praised appearance in the film JUICE. His prodigious talent and prolific career were undercut, however, by his troubles with the law, and he spent as much time behind bars as he did behind the microphone. Tupac's outlaw status and his much-publicized beef with the Notorious B.I.G. only made him more popular with his fans, however, making his death--especially as his shooter was never caught--a tragedy of monumental proportions. Comprised of previously unseen footage and interviews with those close to the star--including friends, colleagues, journalists, producers and musicians--this release attempts to present the truth about this controversial artist.

..::Thug Immortal-The Tupac Shakur Story::..

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From his early appearances on record with Digital Underground to his popular and influential solo albums, Tupac Shakur was a rap phenomenon, and one of the pioneers of gangsta rap. Though often attacked by the media (and Dan Quayle) for his "thug" lifestyle, Tupac's life and art were filled with complexities that his detractors either did not see or just ignored in order to have a villain or a more sensational story. THUG IMMORTAL is an intimate look at Tupac's life told through never-before-seen footage and interviews with his close friends, revealing an artist who grew up a thug, but one who soon tired of that lifestyle and its trappings, revealing a Tupac far different from the one most of America knows.

..::Tupac Shakur: Before I Wake::..

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A powerful documentary depicting the trials and tribulations that occurred during the final year of life for hip-hop pioneer Tupac Shakur. Told by a man who was there alongside Tupac through it all, Shakur's personal bodyguard Frank Alexander. BEFORE I WAKE includes rare, never-before-seen footage, interviews (including Death Row Records president "Suge" Knight and homicide detective Brent Becker of the Las Vegas Police Department) and a behind-the-scenes look at the recording sessions for the hit "Until the End of Time."

..::DJ Dusk - 'Root Down Soundclash' REUP ::..

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In 2001, the Los Angeles club the Root Down put on their first of a three part series called "Sound Clash." It featured Madlib and Cut Chemist going head to head; beat for beat for respect in front of a packed club. Each of the tracks had never been released and with each of the three rounds, the excitement rose. The last round unleashed a partisan celebration from the captivated crowd and it was a beautiful underground Hip Hop moment. Mochilla founders, Coleman and B+, went to the first round with their Sony PC100 single chip cameras with intentions of trying out their new toys; however, "It wasn't until afterwards that we put both cameras on the floor, rewound the tapes and played them in sync that we realized we might have something." Root Down, approximately a year later, organized the second battle. Round Two featured a pre-multi-platinum Will.I.Am and Thes One and again, both Mochilla founders duly attended with the aforementioned cameras and caught the entire night's proceedings. The drama and controversy of Round Two with huge aesthetic differences on display as well as the theatrics of clothes being taken off and ludicrous names made the night a talking point in Los Angeles to this day in beat maker circles. The last battle featured Oh No and Exile in 2003 and with a relatively dignified display by the youngest pairing of the three, they closed the series with good music and much respect. Mochilla never intended to release this DVD but since the tragic passing of DJ Dusk, they felt it was important to honor his legacy and share his gifts. This is for him: no edits, no overdubs, and no interruptions - just raw Hip Hop at its most exciting, vital and real.

DJ Dusk's RootDown SOUNDCLASH from Mochilla on.

1. Round 1: Madlib vs Cut Chemist
2. Round 2: will.i.am vs Thes One (of People Under The Stairs)
3. Round 3: Oh No vs Exile (of Emanon)

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