..::DJ Shadow Cut Chemist Hard Sell At The Hollywood Bowl::..

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First, ther was Freeze. Then came Product Placement. Now, 'We're On A Mission!' More turntables, more cameras, and of course... More records! 2 hours of music and mayhem! It's June 24, 2007; DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist are turning the world famous Hollywood Bowl into a transforming jukebox. Blazing through musical genres with dexterity and wit, they are accompanied by live visuals and animations, 8 turntables, and... of course... and unhealthy quantity of 45s. Join 15,000 spectators as 'the greatest team in the history of mass slaughter' present the exciting world of sound! Definitively documented using 17 cameras (including midi-controlled robot cams) and 3 audience mics, and features an exhaustive, behind-the-scenes featurette and special 'broadcast' footage of Cut and Shadow live in Arcata, CA.