..::Deep Crates 2::..

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The sequel to the best selling Deep Crates DVD goes even deeper than the first to give you the real-deal history behind digging for samples and making beats. You get first hand accounts from founding pioneers in the game on how beat digging culture began and evolved - from Marley Marl's crucial discovery of sampling live drum kits to create his own beats to the real story behind Pete Rock's T.R.O.Y. - it's all thoroughly covered on DC2. Check the all-star line up - Marley Marl, 45 King, Pete Rock, Ced Gee of Ultra Mag, Grand Wizard theodore, Jake One, DJ Muro, K-DEf, Domingo, J-Zone, 88 Keys, King Of Chill, DJ Doc, Tony D, Moss, Marco Polo, Easy LG, Lord Digga and more. In addition, you get exposed to worldwide dig spots frequented by the most elite DJs and producers, studio tours, production tactics and exclusive uncut interview footage. 90 minutes total. Recommended.