..::Mobb Deep - The Dime Frontstage::..

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Type: Mpeg
Size: 606MB (636004114 bytes)
Media Lenght: 01:01:38
Video Size: 352 x 240 (AR 880:657)
Video: MPEG1 Video 352x240 (107:80) 29.97fps 1130Kbps [Video]
Audio: MPEG Audio 44100Hz stereo 224Kbps


..::Dom Pachino - Life Of A Performer - DVDRip::..

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Size: 794MB
Media lenght: 58:02
Audio: MPEG Audio 48000Hz stereo 224Kbps [Mpeg-1]
Video: MPEG2 Video 480x480 (4:3) 29.97fps 2562Kbps


..::Chuck D's - Hip Hop Hall of Fame Vol. 1::..

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Release Date: 12-14-2003
DVD Release.: 07-22-2003

Video.......: xvid
V. Bitrate..: VBR [2-pass] ~1626 kbps
Audio.......: AC3
A. Bitrate..: CBR 448 kbps 6CH
Duration....: 47min
Resolution..: 576x432
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Frame Rate..: 29.970 Fps

Language(s).: English
Subs........: No
Size........: CD1 [80min



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DVD DATE : 2009-05-21
RLS-DATE : 2009-05-25
SiZE : 636MB
RUNTiME : ~52mins
GENRE : HipHop
IMdb/LiNK : N/A

Includes interviews & day in the life of Busta &
some other B.S.!




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this double DVD incl. the ´wild n you´ film with
Wildchild plusda packumentary previously released
only on vhs-cassette!

At a point in West Cost hip Hop history when Hip Hop was only appreciated by underground MC's, DJ's, and graffiti artists, a few B-boys took the step to represent their hometown of Oxnard, California. These previously unreleased segments are soundpieces of how the Lootpack saved up enough money to pay off their long awaited dues to Hip Hop. With Madlib's weekly beat tapes, Wildchild pieces together what you could call a visual beat tape, shot from the bedroom recording studios of Southern Cali to the TV studios and stages of Europe. Appearances include Peanut Butter Wolf, Quasimoto, Medaphoar, Kazi, Oh No, Phife, Declaime, and previously unreleased music videos from Lootpack (Whenimondamic) and Quasimoto (Come On Feet, Goodmorning Sunshine). Hope your system is up to par as Lootpack brings you da Pacumentary."Wild 'N You" is a DVD featuring Wildchild of the Lootpack on Stones Throw Records. The movies gives you a peek into the life of Jack Brown the man, and Wildchild the artist. It follows Wildchild through the release of Secondary Protocol and features performances and interviews from the rest of the OX crew and the Stones Throw camp: Madlib, DJ Romes, Medaphoar, Oh No, Declaime, Kankick, Egon, Peanut Butter Wolf, and more!


..::Wildchild - Wild.N.You.DVD Rip::..



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title: [ Prince Of Blackness Takes A Bow ]
label: [ Azure Entertainment ]
type: [ AVI-XVID ]
genre: [ Hip Hop / Documentary ]
source: [ DVD5]
bitrate: [ untouched ]
audio: [ DD 2.0 ]
aspect: [ FS ]
size: [ 700MB ]
stripped: [ Nothing ]
ripper: [ Bossplayer
runtime: [ 60 Minutes

rip date: [ 05/15/2009 ]
street date: [ 11/25/2008 ] www.visionaryent.com

Yeahhhhh boy!! Flava Flav is in da house. Flava Flav is the come back kid of
the century. He once was lost and now is found. Flava Flav's career was zero
until VH1 came calling. The greatest hype man of all-time was at the bottom
of the cookie jar trying to at least get a taste of the last cookie crumb.
His career was at its' peak when he was the main stay of the rap group Public
Enemy. But, with his out of control use of narcotics, the group said good bye
to Flava after numerous encounter with the law while on their way to
performances subsequently always ending with his arrest after all was said
and done.

Down on his luck and struggling financially Flava was back on Top; of
Bridgette Neilsen taking part in the hit series , Surreal Life. This new
found fame and fortune has landed Flav his own television shows, Flava of
Love, Under One Roof and an increasing number of baby momma drama
confrontations. I guess what they say is true; Mo money, Mo problems. There's
no shame in Flav's Game. Like Chuck D said before Flava Flav's roast on Comedy
Central. This documentary is going to tear Flava Flav's a** up.



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Bossplayer Presents. . .


Scene Date.: 04/28/2009
Rls Year...: 2009
Genre......: Hip Hop
SIZE.......: 1400MB
Run Time...: 3h 41mins
Video......: Untouched, NTSC
Audio......: AC3-2ch, English
Format.....: AVi
URL........: http://www.undergroundhiphop.com/store/detail.asp?UPC=

Release Notes. . .

Various Artists feat. AZ, Cormega, DJ Khaled, Infamous Mobb,
Pimp C., Prodigy, Sheek Louch, Skillz


..::Sir Mix-A-Lot Shhhh... Don't tell 'em That DVDrip::..

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RELEASE DATE: January 30, 2004
DVD RELEASE: January 20, 2004
THEATRE DATE: January 1, 2003
VIDEO: 1403kbit XviD
AUDIO: 2ch 192kbps 48khz AC3
RARS: 699MB:7X100MB
GENRE / RATING: Ghetto Shit / None
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/media/rm3936785408/tt0432063



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RiPPER..[ Bossplayer
RLS.DATE..[ may-05-2009
SOURCE..[ DVD 5 PAL Region Free
LENGHT....[ ~60 mins
GENRE...[ Hip Hop / Rap
RLS.SiZE..[ 700 MB

Dubbed an "unauthorized biography," this full length DVD chronicles the life and career of Nas and the impact he has had in hip hop over the last fifteen years. Longtime fans won't want to miss out.

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Scene Date.: 04/16/2009
Rls Year...: 2009
Genre......: Hip Hop
Size.......: 1 GB
Run Time...: 1hr 59min
Video......: Untouched, NTSC
Audio......: AC3-2ch, English
Format.....: XVID-AVI
URL........: http://mixunit.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=12455

The second episode of HARDBODY TV, like the first, is a banger, people! With Crazy 8's and Hardbody pulling off their second issue of the Hardbody DVD magazine, this DVD is another hip-hop packed street presentation that takes you throughout the industry to bring you appearances from some of the illest rap gangstas around, this new DVD magazine is some official sh!t and definitely is a real proper visual.

This DVD features live performances, backstage access, interviews with artists, live freestyles on camera, hood music videos, major label, eye candy + unsigned artists, mixtape favorites and more! Featuring the likes of T.I., Jadakiss, The Game, Busta Rhymes, Styles P, Gucci Mane, Alfamega, Hell Rell, Ransom, Heltah Skeltah's Rockness Monster, Mazaradi Foxx (G-Unit), Lakey The Kid, . And The List Goes On!!