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ARTiST.....: VA
TiTLE......: Through the years of Hip-Hop Vol. 1 Graffiti
GENRE......: Hip-Hop
LABEL......: MVD
YEAR.......: 2008
PLAYTIME...: 90 Minutes
SiZE.......: 700 MB
URL........: http://www.amazon.de/Various-Artists-Through-Years-Graffiti/dp/B000VUFJ1O
RiPPER.....: Bossplayer
LANGUAGE...: English (DD2: Dolby Digital Stereo)
Subtitles..: None


Hip-Hop culture has always been about much more than just
rap music; hip-hop embraced a number of vehicles of
expression for youth in Urban America, and an integral
part of the formative years of Hip-Hop was graffiti.
As hip-hop culture grew, graffiti evolved from gang members
"tagging" buildings to mark their territory to elaborate
murals which often expressed the same issues of ghetto
life reflected in rap music, as well as celebrating the
hard-won joys of life in the inner city. Through the Years
of Hip Hop, Vol. 1: Graffiti is a documentary which looks
at the role of graffiti in hip-hop, and how it grew into
a internationally recognized art form. The video also
features videos for seven classic old-school hip-hop tracks,
including hits by Run-DMC, Dana Dane, Queen Latifah,
De La Soul, and Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock.

1. Intro [1:02]
2. Credits [2:28]
3. Stats [1:36]
4. A Growing Culture [4:28]
5. Grafitti Greats [2:10]
6. New Rules [20:41]
7. Decline of Respect [2:05]
2. Crash Crew "We Are Known As Emcees" [3:59]
3. Run DMC "Rock Box" [5:05]
4. Dana Dane "Nightmares" [5:40]
5. Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock "It Takes Two" [5:07]
6. Special Ed "I Got It Made" [3:25]
7. De La Soul "Buddy" [4:47]
8. Queen Latifah "Ladies First" [3:58]