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"As the Technics Spin" is the second DVD release from critically acclaimed DJ Rob Swift (X-ecutioners, Ill Insanity). In this latest installment, Rob embellishes on what it took to create his unique style of DJing.

"When I decided to break out of my bedroom and expose myself to the DJ community I had 1 main goal in mind... to give back to the art form. What I mean by that is a lot of upcoming DJs strive to be like those they look up to. On the contrary, I worked towards being different from my influences because I knew, in order for me to have an impact on the DJ world, I had to figure out how to birth a new approach to DJing. I achieved this by thinking outside of the box and challenging myself to incorporate the various forms of music (predominantly Latin and Jazz) I was introduced to as a youngster by my father and older brother."

So with Rob Swift at the driver's seat, we're passengers on his creative, musical journey to develop himself as a DJ. What separates "As the Technics Spin" from other related DVDs in the market is it's focus on Rob Swift's thought process while creating his classic battle/showcase sets. From choosing his records, deciding what sections to manipulate within different songs, to eventually developing the actual routines. Thus, giving any prospect Turntablist/ DJ, keen insight on what it takes to develop the type of battle/showcase sets that will stand the test of time! That's not all though, the exclusive performance footage of Rob Swift with the likes of jazz legend Bob James, Dave McMurray and DJ comrades Ill Insanity and the X-ecutioners during their reunion tour, kicks the DVD into full throttle! We also get to see Rob "give back to the art form" through behind the scenes footage of his involvement in New York City's SCRATCH DJ ACADEMY, a school for aspiring DJs.

According to DJ Times, "In an increasingly image conscious hip-hop world, Rob Swift is an oddity." Such words could not ring more true!