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I didn’t want to make another ‘scene-movie’ or a general overview of subculture and its history. Instead, we’ve set out to create a more hard-hitting, personal portrayal of the pain and joy of being addicted to the only illegal art form there is.” Director Doug Pray said, adding, “These are intensely passionate individuals, they are incredibly talented at destroying surfaces with spray paint, and they don’t like cameras… What more could you ask for in a subject?”

Infamy will have its world premiere in New York City in mid-September as a part of RESfest before going on to play in over 35 cities around the world. Infamy is executive produced by Kevin Lewis and Tes Tesfay of Paladin Entertainment, Quincy D. Jones III of QD3, and produced by Grant Cihlar and Nancy Cihlar of the 1171 Production Group. Composer Garron Chang wrote and performed much of the music in the film, and this has been added to and remixed by DJ Z-trip, among other contributors. The film was edited by Lasse Järvi.