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Release Date         30th July 2009  Supplier/Ripper           AEROHOLiCS |DVD Street Date            May 2009  Language           Eng/Ger/Swe/+more |
IMDB Rating                     n/a  Produced by    Akay, Andreas Johnsen |
Movie Runtime              137 mins  Locations  Sweden, Germany Worldwide Movie Size CD1      699 MB/49x15 MB  Subtitles                    English
CD2      698 MB/49x15 MB  Subtitle Format                  srt |
| Extras                          n/a  DVD Covers                       n/a |
| Filenames     ahs-mtga.* ahs-mtgb.*  Genre       Graffiti Exp. Shortfilms |
| ......................................................................... |
| Video Codec              XviD 1.1.2  Audio Codec            MP3 Lame 3.97 |
| Video Bitrate CD1         1373 kb/s  Audio Bitrate    134 kb/s VBR Stereo |
| Video Bitrate CD2         1179 kb/s  Audio Bitrate    134 kb/s VBR Stereo |
| Video Framrate            23,97 fps  Video Resolution           512 x 384 |
| Aspect Ratio                 1.33:1  DVD Source          NTSC Region Free |
| Source Information      Retail DVD5  DVD Original                     4:3 |

Metagraffiti is a book that comes with
a very special DVD, that collects more
than twenty short films from all over the
world. With two long essays about graff
film and a running time of 137 minutes.
Metagraffiti is a vibrant testimony of
the development of today's graffiti art.

These short films are about and featuring
graffiti. Humour and playfulness are in
focus. These are films by people close to
the active graffiti culture. Many of the
films ease up the difference between graf
and street art. Where street art has
successfully used graffiti's main commu-
nication space - the public space -
the directors borrow from the constant
ability to change that street art enjoys.