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Release Date 19th August 2009 Supplier/Ripper AEROHOLiCS |
| DVD Street Date Summer 2009 Language English |
| IMDB Rating n/a Produced by Bad 2 The Bone |
| Movie Runtime 56 mins Locations Australia |
| Movie Size 697 MB/49x15 MB Subtitles n/a |
| Extras 22mins 277 MB/20x15 MB DVD Covers 300dpi included |
| Filenames ahs-b2tb2.* Genre Graffiti Trainwriting video |
| ......................................................................... |
| Video Codec XviD 1.1.2 Audio Codec MP3 Lame 3.97 |
| Video Bitrate 1580 kb/s Audio Bitrate 122 kb/s VBR Stereo |
| Video Bitrate Extras 1577 kb/s Audio Bitrate EX 117 kb/s VBR Stereo |
| Video Framrate 25 fps Video Resolution 528 x 384 |
| Aspect Ratio 1.38:1 DVD Source PAL Region Free |
| Source Information Retail DVD5 DVD Original 4:3 |
| |
| Info/URL: n/a |

Bad 2 The Bone II (2009/AU)
Okay, we are back with some fresh graff
material from the other side of the world
Bad 2 The Bone II is the latest graffiti
trainwriting DVD from Australia.
Trainbombing liveactions, rolling video
footage from all types of train models
altered with the finest aussie styles.
Featuring funny clips mixed to the nice
video footage, heavy music, mostly hiphop
but in a good mixture of music, videocut
and quality styles. A good mixture does
the trick, doesn't it.
Some overseas train bombing footage has
been added aswell, from interrail travels
but mostly this DVD focuses on the aussie
train systems from the major cities like
Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.
For all those who never been down there,
it's great to check out this DVD and see
all those great (and I mean huge) train
models, but also the spacey riffle ones.

All in all, lotsa live action and funny
moments, and some extra footage with an
oldschool graff documentary and some tv
footage that will make you laugh.
Enjoy this nice release!