..::Pharcyde - 'Cydeways (Music Videos)::..

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West Coast rappers have been at the forefront of the rap scene since their beginnings by combining phat beats with true-to-urban life rhymes, culminating in the rawest form of the genre. This greatest hits collection compiles the groups hits, including "She Said," "Ya Mama" and "Passin Me By"

1. The Pharcyde Song
2. Soul Flower
3. Spike Your Drink
4. Ya Mama
5. Passin' Me By
6. Otha FIsh
7. 4 Better, 4 Worse
8. Runnin'
9. Drop
10. She Said
11. Trust
12. Evolution of Manhood
13. She Said (Remix)
14. Worst Case Scenario
15. What's Up, Fat Lip?