..::D-Styles - 'Bastard Language Tour' (DVD (Turntablism))::..

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D-Styles 'The Bastard Language Tour' DVD -a Film about D-styles and the Ned hoddings crew (Ricci Rucker, Toadstyle, and Excess) Travel the west coast from SF to Seattle performing a live set entirely of scratch music. Tour antics ensue. This dvd is kind of touching. If scratching could be emo this is it. Don't cry for ricci rucker, he's already dead. Here's a quote from the video:
"The world of the scratch DJ has typically been represented by gimmicks, competition, technical prowess, and commercialism. On April 23rd, 2003, a quintet of scratch musicians embarked on a journey along the U.S. West Coast showcasing a new style of music performed entirely with turntables."