..::Boot Camp Clik - "From The Front Lines: Duckdown Visuals IV DVD"::..

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Hip-hop DVDs are becoming more popular and the Boot Camp Clik is a crew that truly deserves to have a DVD. While many people think they do not have the same intensity as they did in the late 90's, B.C.C. released 2 stellar albums in the last year ("Collect Dis Edition" and "The Chosen Few"). Finally, emcees like Ruck aka Sean Price of Heltah Skeltah and Starang Wondah of O.G.C. will be releasing solo albums in the future. Duckdown Records made many incredible videos in the past and they have also filmed much of their tour for "The Chosen Few" album. "From The Front Lines: Duckdown Visuals IV" is NOT a BCC video collection! While it does have some videos, it is mainly live performances, some interviews, some backstage and label antics, and a bunch of celebrity cameos where props are given to the BCC. Either way, it is a look into one of the New York hip-hop underground's most charismatic and talented crews.