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Release Date..: December 7, 2008
Retail Date...: 04/12/2008
Source........: R1 NTSC DVD5
Resolution....: 576 x 416
Framerate.....: 29.970 fps
Bitrate.......: 704 Kbps
Audio.........: 128 Kbps MP3 (VBR)
Runtime.......: 60 Minutes
Subs..........: None

This LLoowwrriiddiinngg CCaallii SSttllyyee exclusive DVD. You?ll see the street scenes of the Millennium Car Club Picnic, Elysian Park, CA, Night Life Car Clubs Carshow and Hop, Santa Barbara, CA, Nuestra Pride Car Clubs. 7th Annual Car Show, Porterville, CA., Viejitos C.C. Car Show Anaheim, CA, the Cruizing for a Cure Carshow, Costa Mesa, CA, the Mainfest Carshow & Hop, Ventura, CA and the New Style Anniversary Banquet, San Jose, CA. You?ll see all the cars, the bikini contest, the hop contests and non-stop lowrider action from the hottest Lowrider events in Cali. Exclusive Feature includes the hot, hip music that O.G. Rider Entertainment is famous four. The music keeps the whole thing movin?!