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RELEASE DATE........: 2008.14.11

IMDb RATING.........: N/A
VIDEO FORMAT........: XviD
VIDEO BITRATE.......: 1133 kbit/s 2pass VBR
VIDEO ASPECT........: 16:9
VIDEO FPS...........: 29.97

AUDIO FORMAT........: [X] VBR MP3 @ 48000 Hz
[ ] AC3
AUDIO BITRATE.......: 135 kbps

VIDEO LENGTH........: 76 minutes
DEINTERLACE.........: TomsMoComp
SIZE................: 1x50x15
GENRE...............: Music Concert

If you fuck with the Lox / D-Block then you definitely need this joint in your collection EARLY. How many times in your life have you missed out on a vintage hip-hop performance and wished you had been there or seen that shit? Well, this is one of those nights.

The United Hoods of America has put together this incredible LIVE performance by the Ruff Rydin' Yonkers emcee coalition -- best known as D-Block or The Lox -- and brought you a raw & uncut DVD of the entire performance from Jadakiss, Styles P and Sheek Louch.

Live from Toad's Place in New Haven (a notorious hip-hop spot known for rocking out small, real shit-type concerts...including acts like The Clipse, The Lox and others), this entire DVD is the recorded concert of when Jada, Styles and Sheek came through and ripped the floorboards off the venue.

Performing a set of more than 30 joints from the Lox/D-Block archives, the three Yonkers-bred emcees show you just how grimey it can get at a D-Block / Double-R / Lox concert. The real hip-hop fans unite with some of D-Block's most dedicated fans for a night of real hip-hop..

The Lox - Money, Power, Respect / Reservoir Dogs (Live) from WWW.SP1200.NET on Vimeo.


1. We Back
2. Niggaz Done Started Something
3. Fuck You
4. Phantom (freestyle)
5. Dope Money
6. Show Discipline
7. Come Thru feat. Jada
8. Skit
9. I'm A Ruff Ryder
10. All For The Love
11. Freestyle
12. Money Power & Respect
13. Reservoir Dogs
14. Wild Out
15. Banned from TV
16. It's All About The Benjamins
17. My Life
18. Blood Preasure
19. Buck Buck
20. Who Want a Problem
21. Kiss Your Ass Good Bye
22. Two Gunz Up
23. Good Times (I Get Paid)
24. Blow Your Mind
25. D Block/Dipset
26. Locked Up
27. Knock Yourself Up
28. Gangsta Gangsta
29. By Your Side
30. We Gonna Make It
31. Good Love