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Scene Date.: November-9th-2008
Rls Year...: 2008
Genre......: Hip-Hop
Rar Count..: 7X100
Run Time...: 1:22:55
Video......: XVID
Audio......: 2.0
Format.....: AVI
URL........: http://shop.rapbay.com/index.php?p=product&id=8138&parent=3

Rap Dreams - DVD

2008 Mastamind Productions

Rap Dreams, (80 Mins), chronicles the lives of three upcoming rappers, Kev Kelley, Hectic, and Mistah F.A.B., as they journey thru the underground world of the Bay Area independent hip-hop scene and follow their dreams of becoming rap super stars. This film is about the passion of pursuing dreams, overcoming obstacles and rising above poverty, contrasting the bling bling dreams with reality.

Featuring: Shock G, Sway & King Tech, Adisa "The Bishop of Hip Hop", Banjoko, JT Bigga Figga, Herm Lewis, McMall, Beeda Weeda, T-Kash, Balance, Shake da Mayor, Charlie Walker, And More...