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This one of a kind DVD showcases not only fifteen years of ONYX's music videos, but never before seen footage of live shows, studio sessions, record signings, music video shoots, personal moments and general chaos. Special features include five solo videos, audio commentary on all seventeen videos from Fredro Starr and Sticky Fingaz, Slam karaoke, an exclusive photo gallery and other madface goodies. All music videos are uncensored and have been re-mastered from their original reels. ONYX's energetic, raspy, hardcore style introduced rap to the mosh pit. They made you want to THROW YA GUNZ. They taught you how to SLAM. They made you feel SHIFTEE... now you can relive the madface invasion with "Onyx: 15 Years of Videos, History And Violence".

Bonus Materials:

-Photo Gallery
-Slam Karaoke
-Soul Train Awards footage
-Optional audio commentary by Fredro Starr and Sticky Fingaz on all seventeen Onyx music videos.
-Exclusive behind the scenes documentary showcasing 15 years of insanity, live performances, music video shoots, interviews, studio sessions, personal moments and freestyles.
1. Throw Ya Gunz (Video) (picture)
2. Bacdafucup (Video) (picture)
3. Slam (Video) (picture)
4. Da Nex Niguz (Video) (picture)
5. Shiftee (Video) (picture)
6. Slam (Bionyx Remix) feat. Biohazard (Video) (picture)
7. Judgement Night feat. Biohazard (Video) (picture)
8. All We Got Iz Us (Video) (no picture)
9. Last Dayz (Video) (picture)
10. I'll Murder You (Video) (no picture)
11. Live Niguz (Video) (picture)
12. Walk In New York (Video) (picture)
13. Shut 'Em Down feat. DMX (Video) (picture)
14. React fet. X-1, 50 Cent (Video) (picture)
15. The Worst fet. Wu-Tang Clan (Video) (picture)
16. Broke Willies (Video) (picture)
17. Slam Harder (Video) (picture)
18. Sticky Fingaz - 'Get It Up' (Video) (picture)
19. Fredro Starr - 'Dat Be Dem/Dyin For Rap' (Video) (picture)
20. Fredro Starr - 'Perfect Bitch' (Video) (picture)
21. Sticky Fingaz - 'Can't Call It' (Video) (picture)
22. Fredro Starr - 'California Girls' (Video) (picture)
23. ONYX - Slam (Karaoke) (picture)

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ONYX - Rare Footage (Unreleased) - Documentary


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