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rRIPPER....: Bossplayer
rLS yEAR.....: 2008
gENRE........: Rap
rAR cOUNT....: ~ 850mb
rUN tIME.....: Watch it and see
aUDIO........: AC3 2.0
fORMAT.......: MKV
URL: http://www.undergroundhiphop.com/store/detail.asp?=Prodigy-of-Mobb- Deep-H.N.I.C.-Pt.-2:-The-Video-Collection-15.97&UPC=AAOM7018DVD

Prodigy is one half of the successful rap duo known as Mobb Deep. H.N.I.C. Pt.
2 promises to be the return of Prodigy fans and critics know and love. Look for
Prodigy to drop his harsh reality-based rhymes about the darker side of urban
life with an unbalanced and sedate flow. Prodigy has undoubtedly proved himself
to be a visionary solo artist and H.N.I.C. Pt. 2 will further solidify his sta
tus as one of todays premier artists.


1. Real Power Is People (picture)
2. The Life (picture)
3. Young Veterans (picture)
4. Illuminati (picture)
5. New Yitty (picture)
6. ABC (picture)
7. Click Clack (picture)
8. Veterans Memorial Pt. 2 (picture)
9. Field Marshal P (picture)
10. 3 Stacks (picture)
11. When I See You (picture)
12. Its Nothing (picture)
13. I Want Out (picture)
14. Dirty New Yorker (picture)
15. The Life (Vox Spanish Version) (picture)
16. Get Trapped (Bonus Video) (picture)
17.Represent Me (Bonus Video) (picture)
18. The Dough (Bonus Video) (picture)
19. A Conversation With Prodigy (picture)


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