..::The MC - 'Why We Do It'::..

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Product Description

From the hip-hop filmmakers of "BEEF," "BEEF II," "Tupac Shakur: Thug Angel," "The Freshest Kids" and "Rhyme and Reason" comes a passionate journey into the lives of the most legendary MCs of all time-where they came from, what inspired them, the way they flow and how they fought their way to the top. Watch hip-hop#s most famous MCs perform live - writing songs and freestyling - and go behind the scenes as they deal with record labels, money and fame.áEnter the thrilling world of the hottest MCs in the game. Get to know your favorite artists like never before, including Rakim, KRS-One, Jay-Z, Big Daddy Kane, Kool Moe Dee, Redman, Slick Rick, Common, Guru, MC Lyte, Method Man, 50 Cent, Jadakiss, Talib Kweli, Twista, Kanye West, Raekwon, Killer Mike, The Rza, Hieroglyphics, Dilated Peoples, Mike Soup of Jurassic 5, The Clipse and Ghostface Killah. See exclusive archival footage of LL Cool J, Tupac, Biggie, Nas, Snoop Dogg, N.W.A, Ice Cube, A Tribe Called Quest, DJ Kool Herc, the Wu Tang Clan and many more!