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Daz & Kurupt have switched it up a bit with their newest release, a DVD full of not just music, but videos too. This DVD is a collection of videos shot by the legendary West Coast duo, most of which have never been seen before. With classic sounds one would expect from Tha Dogg Pound and gangsta imagery to accompany the music, this DVD is a guaranteed hit for fans of DPG new and old. This title carries a parental advisory.THE SAGA UNFOLDZ is a collection of music videos by the West Coast rap group Tha Dogg Pound. The compilation features the videos from their album DILLINGER & YOUNG GOTTI II: THA SAGA CONTINUEZ, and from Daz Dillinger's solo single, "Smokin Whyle We Drive.

01.Ride & Crip
03.Hittin' Donutz In Tha Streetz
04.DPGC Music
05.Cuz I'm A Gangsta
06.It Feels Good To Be A Dogg Pound Gangsta
07.Smokin' While We Drive.
08.She Likes To What
10.I Luv When U