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title: [ Prince Of Blackness Takes A Bow ]
label: [ Azure Entertainment ]
type: [ AVI-XVID ]
genre: [ Hip Hop / Documentary ]
source: [ DVD5]
bitrate: [ untouched ]
audio: [ DD 2.0 ]
aspect: [ FS ]
size: [ 700MB ]
stripped: [ Nothing ]
ripper: [ Bossplayer
runtime: [ 60 Minutes

rip date: [ 05/15/2009 ]
street date: [ 11/25/2008 ] www.visionaryent.com

Yeahhhhh boy!! Flava Flav is in da house. Flava Flav is the come back kid of
the century. He once was lost and now is found. Flava Flav's career was zero
until VH1 came calling. The greatest hype man of all-time was at the bottom
of the cookie jar trying to at least get a taste of the last cookie crumb.
His career was at its' peak when he was the main stay of the rap group Public
Enemy. But, with his out of control use of narcotics, the group said good bye
to Flava after numerous encounter with the law while on their way to
performances subsequently always ending with his arrest after all was said
and done.

Down on his luck and struggling financially Flava was back on Top; of
Bridgette Neilsen taking part in the hit series , Surreal Life. This new
found fame and fortune has landed Flav his own television shows, Flava of
Love, Under One Roof and an increasing number of baby momma drama
confrontations. I guess what they say is true; Mo money, Mo problems. There's
no shame in Flav's Game. Like Chuck D said before Flava Flav's roast on Comedy
Central. This documentary is going to tear Flava Flav's a** up.